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Driven integrates data from all pest control software into individualized dashboards that empower every team member with real-time updates of key performance metrics.

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Pest Control
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Performance & Teamwork

Gone are the days of micromanaging. Driven propels performance, empowering every team member to excel in their respective roles within the company. By instilling a sense of ownership, employees are empowered to take initiative, make informed decisions, and drive meaningful outcomes. This forward-thinking strategy not only boosts individual performance but also enhances team collaboration and overall productivity.

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Easy to use

Our user-friendly dashboard ensures that you will navigate through data effortlessly and focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Data-driven decisions

Leverage powerful analytics and insights to make informed decisions that drive your business forward. Our pest control SaaS platform empowers you with comprehensive data analysis tools, allowing you to extract valuable information from your operations.

Team collaboration

Foster teamwork and alignment by providing each team member with access to their own dashboard, promoting transparency and accountability.

Integrated Resources

Put an end to the arduous hours spent on pulling reports and deciphering data from multiple services. We bring together all the essential resources you need to efficiently run your business.

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